Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they are one of humanity’s oldest art forms. From ancient Egyptian mummies and the Japanese Yakuza to the Maoris in New Zealand, tattoos have been used globally and are now widely accepted in society. In Spain, the Malasana district has a vibrant and growing tattoo community. More and more Spaniards appreciate this traditional body art form, resulting in the area being filled with talents and experts in the tattoo industry. Many people who have tattoos choose a design which is significant or meaningful to them. If you are considering getting a tattoo, we are here to help you find the best tattoo shops in Madrid.

Tattoo Shops in Madrid

Mao and Cathy

One of Madrid’s most well-known tattoo parlors is Mao and Cathy. Established in Madrid for over twenty years, Mao and Cathy boasts experience, skill and precision. Three very important characteristics for a tattoo shop. With many positive reviews, they also have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for a professional artist who can give you a beautiful tattoo, Mao and Cathy is the number one tattoo shop in Madrid. Do remember to make a reservation before visiting the popular parlor.

Tattoo Magic Madrid

Another one of Madrid’s famous tattoo shops is Tattoo Magic Madrid. With hundreds of positive reviews, Tattoo Magic is one of Madrid’s most reliable tattoo parlors. Situated in the center of Madrid, its prominent location is easy to find and convenient to get to. Having operated at this prime location for over 8 years, Tattoo Magic also receives high demand. If you’re planning to visit the parlor, be sure to make a reservation with them!

Vitamin Tattoo

Madrid is also home to the famous tattoo artist, Robert Hernandez. The world-renowned artist works from Vitamin Tattoo and is known for his originality. Vitamin Tattoo offers extremely realistic tattoos and most are dark, sinister creations. Nonetheless, if you want something original, unparalleled and fearsome, Vitamin Tattoo is the place to be. 

True Love Tattoo 

In regards to originality, the True Love Tattoo shop in Madrid offers another style of original body art. Run by a respected Argentine, True Love Tattoo gives you more retro, punk style tattoos. The shop is widely known for drawing inspiration from the 1950s and the old school style of Madrid’s Malasana. Of course, the founder of all this is El Bara; who hails from Argentina. Like any of the above mentioned tattoo shops, True Love Tattoo has a large demand. If you want a tattoo from El Bara himself, be sure to make a reservation 2 months in advance.

Malasaña District

Apart from these four famous tattoo shops in Madrid, the district of Malasana has many other reputable tattoo shops and artists. Many of these parlors prioritize hygiene and provide an excellent service. Some of the other well-known tattoo shops include Circe Tattoo, 1977 Tattoo parlor and Alchemist’s Valley. Just like art pieces and the artist who creates them, tattoo shops and their artists have their individual styles. When choosing a tattoo shop in Madrid, be sure to know the style you want and find the shop offering the one you want. Nevertheless, Madrid is full of tattoo parlors offering a wide range of tattoo styles.