Summertime in Madrid can easily surpass 35C, not to mention heatwaves of over 40C which aren’t uncommon. Just like thousands of other residents in Madrid, you’ll need an escape from the heat. The most popular solution? Public pools. Read on to find out where the best public swimming pools in Madrid are.

Best Public Swimming pools in Madrid

Las Dehesas

First up, we have the very popular Las Dehesas. Located in Fuenfria Valley, the swimming complex boasts amazing views of the surrounding landscape. Imagine a relaxing afternoon in the pool as you gaze far into the lush, green Fuenfria Valley. After you’ve finished enjoying the pool, head over to the Las Berceas recreational complex. The best part of Las Dehesas is how affordable the ticket prices are. Visit Las Dehesas and you’ll see why it’s such a popular swimming pool!



Puerta de Hierro Sports Park

Next on our list is the Puerta de Hierro Sports Park. The park’s centerpiece is its 130m outdoor pool. The pool’s tremendous size lets it accommodate large crowds who want to escape Madrid’s heatwaves. Not only will you get to experience one of Europe’s largest public swimming pools, but you’ll also get access to various entertainment options and amenities in the sports park. Rugby, Tennis, Archery and Golf are just some of the options on the massive suburban park; which spans over 74 acres. You can even come here in the winter for a whole different set of activities such as kayaking across the lake-like pool!



San Juan reservoir

The San Juan reservoir actually doubles as a public swimming pool. What makes this one of the best public swimming pools in Madrid is how unique the entire setting is! There aren’t many reservoirs in the world that allow people to swim. Yet, the San Juan reservoir allows swimming and even water sports! The reservoir comes with over 10 kilometers of beach and sand. Afterall, what’s better than a beach outing during the summer in Spain! Just be careful because some parts of the reservoir are extremely deep, and it can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Nonetheless, the San Juan reservoir is definitely among our top 5 best public swimming pools in Madrid.



Las Presillas

Another unique swimming pool is Las Presillas. Located among the natural pools of Rascafria, the swimming pool is 100% natural and free of charge too! Experiencing nature can sound fun but be prepared for extremely cold water. If you’re a thrill-seeker or you simply enjoy cold water, Las Presillas is the perfect pool for you. What makes this pool good enough to be in our top 5 is the fact that the pristine water is so clear, you can see all the way to the river bed! While you’re having a dip in the pool, enjoy the beautiful Rascafria meadows and mountains in the backdrop.



Universidad Complutense de Madrid

To round up our 5 best public swimming pools in Madrid, we have the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Unlike those above, this swimming pool is simple and affordable yet functional, convenient and modern. Located within a University, there are two large swimming pools; including diving platforms. Right in the heart of Madrid, it’s easy to get there for a short swim any time of the year. When we say it’s affordable, it means you can get tickets for as low as 4 Euros.