Are you a film buff? Like to enjoy movies in their original language with subtitles? Maybe you want to see a movie in English? Well you’re in luck! Madrid is a cinema capital city and has several theatres where you can see all kinds of movies in the original language. Here’s a summary of The Best Cinemas in Madrid You Should Visit

Madrid, a modern urban development engulfed with traditional architecture and the sheen of classic Español. A city so beautiful it inspired some of the brightest minds and most creative of artisans to take their work to its heart. With many exciting entertainment options; classic Iberian eateries, Historical Sites and tours, New Age Art Exhibitions and Modern architectural wonders, let’s take a look at some of Madrid’s finest offerings from an often less thought about tourist activity, going to the cinema.

With so many theatrical complexes within the city centre alone, to definitely list the top 5 Cinemas in Madrid would be an incomprehensible task, less impossible, but we’re pretty sure that we’ve got a pretty good deck of premises to keep you engaged on your own escapada de español. 

Cine Ideal

Firstly, the Cine Ideal, located downtown not too far away from many hotels and restaurants, provides a luxurious rewind for the casual eye to the 1950’s. With it’s lush cream coloured exterior creating quite an old-school vintage-esque appeal, it boasts a rich history dating back to 1916 and prides itself in original version films. A plus, the cinema screens many of its motion pictures in English as well as Español, providing entertaining options for both the casual tourist or one looking to immerse himself more deeply in Spanish culture. 

Cine Renoir

Next, we have the Cine Renoir, located within the city centre, it oozes a strong hipster vibe and a cool Madridista schtick with its brightly painted walls donning the exterior of the building. Inside, it screens a myriad of films in original languages, ranging from Danish, Swedish, Arabic and Spanish to English, Japanese, French and Italian, giving you an idea of how multicultural this establishment is. Truly the cinema of a modern-day cosmopolitan metropolis, and one that embodies the breath of Madrid at its core. 


Another classy cinema in the city of Madrid goes simply by the name Capitol. For an establishment to be so well endowed into the culture here that the mere utterance of one word evicts its memory, one can rest assured that patronizing such a place would not disappoint. And disappoint it did not, with its wide array of filmography, affordable snacks, convenient location and bright 1930’s architecture, this spot is not one to look out for when you visit Madrid; it comes looking for you. 

Cineteca Madrid

This next spot is more for the serious, filmographic nerd, one who does not like to be disappointed and does not like to be led on with long storylines and confusing tales of adventure. It is the Cineteca Madrid, the sole screener of exclusively non-fictitious films in the city. Yes you heard right, no two-hour action thrillers or weeknight horror flicks here, this establishment is for the purest of the pure connoisseurs of cinema, those who enjoy filmography and fact mixed with classy delivery. 

Callao City Lights Cinema

Moving on to the last of our recommendations, the Callao City Lights Cinema. A place that sells itself on screening re-runs of popular films, it is a must for the lifelong-nostalgic or those seeking reminiscences of vintage pop-culture. Not the most elegant of cinemas but it definitely fits the bill if you’re looking for an alternative to the nightlife of Madrid.