Every year you run into the same dilemma of how to celebrate your birthday in Madrid; do you just want to have a relaxed day with your significant other? Or maybe invite the family? Or maybe just plan a fun adventure with your closest friends? To give you a bit of inspiration on what to do on how to celebrate a birthday in Madrid, we have put together a list of possible activities and categorized them based on who you’d prefer to spend it with. We have basically taken away the hassle of planning your birthday, so you can focus on actually enjoying it. So here goes!

Celebrate your birthday with your partner

Wondering how to celebrate your birthday in Madrid? For those looking for a more low key and romantic birthday celebration, we recommend the following:

Phototour Toledo

Discover an original and different way to celebrate your birthday in Madrid. This tour caters to those who are looking to create tangible everlasting memories. We have all been victims of those selfies where our heads have been cropped out of the photo, or where the background is completely invisible. Well, with PhotoTour Toledo, you pretty much get your own personal photographer who captures natural shots of you whilst touring the most romantic spots in the city. 


Horse Riding Experience

Calling all animal lovers! Enjoy a horse riding adventure in the beautiful Madrid Mountains surrounded by some spectacular views. Just a 30 minute train or bus ride from Madrid is the Sierra de Guadarrama. Known for its natural beauty, culture, and heritage you’ll be able to see lush rivers, gorgeous mountains and valleys, as well as experience traditional villages with Roman and Moorish remains. You don’t have to be an avid horse rider to be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Quite the contrary, our expert guides are there to make sure you stay safe, yet make the most out of this once in a lifetime adventure. Whether you opt in for the short trip of 2:30 hours, or the longer one of 4:30 hours, you won’t be disappointed.


Wine Tourism in Madrid

Talk about a two-in-one deal! This half-day tour caters to those who want to discover a bit more about Spanish wines and explore a traditional winery. You’ll learn about the traditions behind wine making, as well as interesting stories from the wine makers themselves. And the cherry on top? You get to taste excellent wines while enjoying the beautiful countryside scenery and making new friends. We are also able to offer a private tour where you’ll receive a fully personalized service which allows you to choose the day and time that best suit you and your schedule. 


Celebrate your birthday with your family

Now for those looking to celebrate with family, we suggest looking into the following excursions:

Hot Air Balloon

Up, up, and away! So we have all experienced exploring a new city by foot, on a bike, on a bus, and even on a train right? Well imagine doing it from the air. This hot air balloon tour offers you the chance to enjoy some of the most spectacular views that Segovia has to offer from up in the air. This tour takes approximately 1 hour, where you will be able to see the old town and the most infamous monuments. You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of the Sierra of Guadarrama in the background. You’ll also receive a diploma attesting to your participation in this amazing experience!


Visit a Brave Bull Ranch

If you delve into Spain’s history, you’ll come to understand the vast importance that the bull has had in shaping Spain’s culture. The bull’s magnificent beauty and mysterious personality has been present in Spain’s arts, history, and anthropology from ancient times. And as such we thought it appropriate to include a tour that allows you to closely observe dozens of brave bulls that live in the pasture. You will have a unique opportunity to see the animal in its natural habitat, understand the symbolism of brave bulls and their historical role since the 15th century.


Retiro Park Guided Tour

Retiro Park is considered to be one of the largest parks in Madrid, not to mention the most famous. Covering over 125 hectares and comprising more than 15,000 trees, El Retiro Park is a green oasis in the heart of the city. It is a popular spot for Madrileños to just go relax, go for a walk, cycle, or exercise. This guided tour will take you through the park’s monuments and gardens including: the Crystal Palace, the Gate of Philip IV, the magnificent Monument to Alfonso XII, which watches over the lake. Near the Rose Garden, you’ll also be able to see the statue of the Fallen Angel, the only sculpture in the world dedicated to the devil, which curiously enough sits at 666m above sea level. 


Segway Tour

This short and sweet tour allows you to discover Madrid in a healthy way! After a short training session – where you’ll be given instructions regarding safety – you’ll get the chance to ride through the city’s most renowned squares and streets for up to 1:30 hours. You’ll be able to see the Royal Palace, Catedral of Almudena, Puerta del Sol, the KM 0, the neighborhood of Las Letras, the Spanish parliament, the square of Santa Ana. Your dedicated English-speaking guide will be right there to share all the fun facts as you go along.


Celebrate your birthday with your friends

If you’re celebrating your special day a little differently this year, we’re here to help! Some great ideas to celebrate your birthday in Madrid with friends include:

Flamenco Class

What better way to learn Flamenco than from where it originated right? Guys, we understand that this might not be your cup of tea, but we can assure you that it will be a super fun time. You’ll be instantly immersed in the passion and drama of flamenco. During the class, you will learn new moves in order to create a unique choreography. This 60-minute intensive class will come in handy when trying to impress your significant other, and you’ll even have a certificate of attendance to actually prove your skills!


Escape Game Outdoor

This is your chance to play detective! The criminal organization Spider Tech has created the MK Ultra virus and a part of the world’s population is in danger. WISE, an international secret agency hired you for this mission. With your spy case, you will have to complete your mission before time runs out. This game is an interactive adventure that combines virtual reality, puzzles and physical activities. Each team will have to overcome these challenges “armed” with a tablet, a secret briefcase full of tools and items that you will find during the mission. Will you be able to solve the puzzle?


Football Game

Madrid has a very special relationship with football. And how can it not having won 32 European trophies thanks to Real and Atletico. These wins have earned Madrid a top position in the continent’s football hierarchy. As such, its no wonder that we have put together an experience for you to play football with other fanatics in none other than the heart of Madrid. With this experience, you’ll be able to play a faster and shorter version of the traditional game with 7 players on each side. Once booked and confirmed, all you’ll need to do is show up, meet your teammates, and enjoy the friendly game for an hour!


Wrapping Up

We – at VisitMadridToday – want you to fall in love with Madrid just as much as we are. We are a young and dynamic group of individuals who bring something of our own to the table. We live and breathe this city!

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