Best Public Swimming pools in Madrid

Summertime in Madrid can easily surpass 35C, not to mention heatwaves of over 40C which aren’t uncommon. Just like thousands of other residents in Madrid, you’ll need an escape from the heat. The most popular solution? Public pools. Read on to find out where the best public swimming pools in Madrid are. Best Public Swimming […]

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Tattoo Shops in Madrid

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they are one of humanity’s oldest art forms. From ancient Egyptian mummies and the Japanese Yakuza to the Maoris in New Zealand, tattoos have been used globally and are now widely accepted in society. In Spain, the Malasana district has a vibrant and growing tattoo community. […]

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The Best Cinemas in Madrid You Should Visit

Are you a film buff? Like to enjoy movies in their original language with subtitles? Maybe you want to see a movie in English? Well you’re in luck! Madrid is a cinema capital city and has several theatres where you can see all kinds of movies in the original language. Here’s a summary of The […]

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