Where To Find The Best Sushi in Madrid

Sushi might have originated in Japan but in our globalising world, sushi restaurants have been popping up everywhere. Despite being halfway around the globe from Japan, Madrid has world class restaurants serving the perfect sushi. A taste of the best sushi in Madrid with your eyes closed will have you transported to the heart of […]

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Where To Find The Best Tortilla In Madrid

Hungry for a tortilla yet? Satisfy your cravings and stop by the following restaurants for the best tortilla in Madrid. When we hear the word Tortilla, we usually think of the flatbread used to make burritos. Did you know that Spanish Tortillas are quite different from the Mexican Tortilla that we commonly know of? The Spanish Tortilla […]

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Where To Find The Best Paella In Madrid

Paella! Anyone who has heard of this knows it’s Spanish and one of Spain’s best dishes. Did you know that Paella is not really a native dish in Madrid? It was developed centuries ago in the Southeast of Spain; primarily in Valencia and Murcia. The region is close to Africa and was heavily influenced by […]

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Best Churros in Madrid

Did you know that churros originated from Spain? That’s right! This globally known snack was first created in Spain hundreds of years ago and where else to get the best churros than in Madrid. Best Churros in Madrid Churros are served all over the world and there are hundreds of variations on how churros are […]

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Best Places To Eat Pulpo in Madrid (On Budget)

Wondering where are the best places to eat pulpo in Madrid? Surprisingly, one of the things that our landlocked city does best is seafood. Coastal regions like Galicia, Asturias and Andalusia bring in some of the best fish and seafood in the world, and and shipments are made to the capital daily (Madrid is home […]

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