Hungry for a tortilla yet? Satisfy your cravings and stop by the following restaurants for the best tortilla in Madrid.

When we hear the word Tortilla, we usually think of the flatbread used to make burritos. Did you know that Spanish Tortillas are quite different from the Mexican Tortilla that we commonly know of? The Spanish Tortilla is actually omelette mainly made of eggs and potatoes. It’s one of Spain’s most popular dishes and definitely not one to miss out on when visiting Madrid. Here, we have a list of the best tortilla in Madrid.

Where To Find The Best Tortilla In Madrid

Casa Dani

At the top of our list, we have the Casa Dani. Undoubtedly serving one of Madrid’s best tortillas, Casa Dani is popular among both white and blue collared workers. Despite being situated in one of Madrid’s most affluent areas, the cafe has kept prices reasonable and affordable. Most importantly, many people highly recommend this cafe as the place to try Spanish tortillas. In fact, it has even been recommended by world renowned Spanish chef Jose Andre!


Another great place to have the best tortillas in Madrid is Sylkar. First opened in 1970, it has stuck to its traditional tortilla recipe and continues to attract crowds even today. A great bar serving Spanish tapas, many customers have also heaped praise on the service provided at Sylkar. Again, most importantly, they serve wonderful tortillas. Although it is slightly pricier than the tortillas at the Casa Dani, it’s still worth every dollar to have a taste of authentic Spanish food. Sylkar is definitely a must-go when you’re visiting Madrid.

Bar Docamar

Similar to Sylkar is a restaurant which has been open for more than 50 years. Bar Docamar serves delicious food at affordable prices. Apart from making one of the best tortillas in Madrid, Bar Docamar is known for a Spanish dish called patatas bravas. These exquisite Spanish dishes attract crowds everyday, making it really hard to find a seat. On your visit to Madrid, it is a must to visit at least Sylkar or Bar Docamar to find the best tortillas which are made with the exact same traditional recipes from over 50 years ago.


Madrid also offers new cafes and restaurants serving equally amazing tortillas. A fast growing restaurant is Txirimiri. Since opening its doors in 2003, Txirimiri now has 4 outlets across Spain. What’s special about Txirimiri is their ‘miniature haute cuisine’. From the plating to the recipes they use, Txirimiri injects a dose of fun into their food. The amazing tortillas served there are just part of a Basque-style Tapas menu. Apart from the tortillas, you can find other delicious dishes such as the pork maw and duck confit. They also offer the perfect wines to pair with your tapas snacks. Of course, just like any of the other restaurants on this list (and any popular tapas cafes), Txirimiri is often packed and most customers eat while standing. Again, they have several outlets so you can plan a more convenient visit from wherever you are. 

Juana La Loca

Finally, rounding up our list is the Juana La Loca. A modern, chic tapas restaurant, the Juana La Loca offers a small boost to the classic Spanish tortilla. Apart from eggs and potatoes, they add caramelized onions to add a kick to its flavour and taste. Similarly, the tapas bar offers other dishes which will satisfy your palate and give you the best of Spanish cuisine. 


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