Sushi might have originated in Japan but in our globalising world, sushi restaurants have been popping up everywhere. Despite being halfway around the globe from Japan, Madrid has world class restaurants serving the perfect sushi. A taste of the best sushi in Madrid with your eyes closed will have you transported to the heart of Japan. Also, a small tip for having sushi in Spain: Go for the fusion choices rather than the normal sushi you can find in Japan! Now you’re probably wondering where the best sushi is in Madrid.

Where To Find The Best Sushi in Madrid


At the top of our list is Kabuki. The elegant atmosphere and contemporary style of the restaurant is a 100% befitting of the food they serve. While dining in such a beautifully designed interior, you can choose from a wide selection of Japanese sushi and other dishes. Kabuki uses the freshest catches from the ocean, ensuring the best for your plate. On top of quality, Kabuki is famous for its creativity. They have invented mouthwatering Japanese and Spanish fusions, giving you a taste of both countries in the same dish. Of course, they combine these tastes seamlessly and retain the top notch quality which they are known for. Although a visit to Kabuki might hurt your wallet, we assure you it’s worth every dollar!


Similar to Kabuki in terms of price and quality, DokiDoki offers some of the best sushi in Madrid. What makes DokiDoki stand out is their plating skills. The restaurant adds a strong touch of art to the way their food is presented. In today’s society, we eat with our eyes first, savouring and taking in how the food is beautifully presented. Such amazing plating adds to your experience in DokiDoki, making the visit extremely worthwhile. We recommend popular dishes such as the dragon rolls and some exquisite tuna belly rolls with white truffle. Be sure to make a reservation before visiting the restaurant.

99 Sushi

Next up, we have 99 Sushi. At much lower prices compared to the first two restaurants, 99 sushi offers quality sushi at a much more comfortable budget. 99 Sushi offers both authentic Japanese sushi as well as Japanese-Spanish fusion dishes. To pair such an extensive menu, 99 Sushi offers a wide variety of wines to have along with your sushi. Best of all, for the price you’re paying, the food is exceptionally good. With 4 outlets across Madrid, you can choose the most convenient one for a delicious sushi dinner!

Sushita Cafe

Another affordable place on our list is Sushita Cafe. Also serving fusion sushi and other fusion dishes, Sushita Cafe has been reviewed by thousands on google alone. The food is rich with flavour and of good quality. Furthermore, the stylish cafe in the heart of Madrid provides the perfect ambience to enjoy your meal. On top of its yummy sushi, Sushita Cafe offers the ramen burger. A Japanese-Spanish fusion burger, the ramen burger comes with a choice of jalapeno sauce or sriracha and a wasabi wakame salad. Many customers have recommended choosing the fusion sushi which aren’t found anywhere else instead of the original Japanese sushi. Sushita Cafe is definitely a must try in Madrid.


Rounding up our list is Miyama. Also highly rated across many sites, Miyama offers fresh, quality sushi at reasonable prices. They have also been praised for their generosity in terms of portions. Miyama is also known for its other Japanese items such as the Omakase and Shabu Shabu. The restaurant is undoubtedly among the top 5 Japanese restaurants in Madrid. While prices are not exactly low, they aren’t exorbitant either. Miyama might put a little pressure on your wallet but fret not, every dollar spent there will keep your stomach happy!