Paella! Anyone who has heard of this knows it’s Spanish and one of Spain’s best dishes. Did you know that Paella is not really a native dish in Madrid? It was developed centuries ago in the Southeast of Spain; primarily in Valencia and Murcia. The region is close to Africa and was heavily influenced by North Africa’s food culture. Rice was then introduced to Spain and planted in the southeast region, eventually forming the dish we know as Paella. Nonetheless, Paella inevitably ended up in Madrid and became a symbol of Spanish cuisine. However, Madrid has many restaurants and cafes serving Paella of varying qualities and ingredients. Here, we will show you the best places to find Paella in Madrid!

Where To Find The Best Paella In Madrid

Socarratt Valencian Food

Socarratt Valencian Food Madrid

As we mentioned above, Paella originated from Valencia so the best Paellas in Madrid has to come from Valencia too. At the top of our list is the Socarratt Valencian Food. Founded by two chefs from Valencia, the recipe and techniques have been passed down through many generations. It’s traditional recipe is combined with great wine to pair. Furthermore, the restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and friendly service while selling at affordable prices. It is easily one of the most reputable Paella restaurants in Madrid with over 400 reviews on Google. If you’re planning a visit to this restaurant, do make a reservation because it is often full with customers.

Bar La Gloria

Bar La Gloria Madrid

Another famous restaurant that carries a strong Valencia tradition in its recipe is the Bar La Gloria. Using generations of cooking techniques and concepts, Bar La Gloria serves its famous Paella on Sundays only. Many locals flood the restaurant on Sunday to get a taste of the Paella. As we all know, if a place has many locals, it has to be good! Trying their freshly made signature Paella is a definite must when visiting Madrid.

La Barraca

La Barraca Madrid

If you’re looking for fresh paella of many variations, the La Barraca is a must. Having been in Madrid for the last 85 years, this family restaurant is the best when it comes to Spanish rice dishes. Over the years, they have created 16 types of paella and rice dishes. It is perfect if you are travelling or visiting in a group. There will be sufficient options to suit everyone’s taste buds. Furthermore, the restaurant uses fresh and premium ingredients to make the perfect paellas. 

Taberna El Arco

Taberna El Arco Madrid

One of the best paella restaurants in Madrid lies in a more touristy area. The Taberna El Arco offers a signature squid ink paella dish along with many variations of paella. Also, the menu comes with other Spanish tapas dishes as well. Nonetheless, the paella and tortillas are its most popular items and if you are in the area, it would be a good move to have a meal at the Taberna El Arco. It’s a tavern which is a little small so do make a reservation in advance to ensure you have a seat for your meal.

Mercado de san Miguel

Mercado de san Miguel Madrid

The final restaurant on our list of best paella in Madrid is the Mercado de san Miguel. Headed by a michelin star chef, this Mercado offers Spanish cuisine and paella is one of their best items. How do we know that they offer one of the best menus and paellas in Madrid? The Mercado de san Miguel only uses the freshest ingredients to create their menu depending on season. Using these top of the line ingredients, they have come up with world class paella such as their traditional paella valenciana, seafood paella and squid ink paella (Arroz Negro). The Mercado de san Miguel is definitely one of the best places in Madrid to have a paella!


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