Did you know that churros originated from Spain? That’s right! This globally known snack was first created in Spain hundreds of years ago and where else to get the best churros than in Madrid.

Best Churros in Madrid

Churros are served all over the world and there are hundreds of variations on how churros are served. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the best churros in Madrid, we have got the top 5 choices here for you.

Chocolateria San Gines

At the very top of our list is the world renowned Chocolateria San Gines. Founded in 1894, this cafe holds over 125 years of history and experience in making churros. The cafe often has snaking queues of not just tourists but also locals. As we all know, anywhere filled with locals has to be offering an authentic Spanish experience. The churros from the Chocolateria San Gines is a must-have on any trip to Madrid. They offer a variety of premium quality churros as well as other famous Spanish snacks. The best part? The cafe keeps prices affordable despite the huge demand for its churros. 

Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid

Los Artesanos 1902

Similar to San Gines is the equally historic Los Artesanos 1902. As its name suggests, Los Artesanos was founded in 1902, not much later than San Gines. The cafe offers delicious dips for their churros such as milk and dark chocolate. It’s a dip rarely found in Madrid so it’s a must try if you’re in Madrid. Furthermore, with the far smaller crowds at Los Artesanos 1902, you can skip the waiting times at San Gines for quality churros! At this family-run business, you can even watch churro masters in action, creating churros with beautiful skill and to utmost perfection.

Address: Calle de San Martín, 2, 28013 Madrid

Chocolateria Valor

If you’re looking for the best churros in Madrid while also looking for a good variety of flavours, the Chocolateria Valor is the perfect place to be at. Yet another historic shop, Valor is Spain’s most famous chocolate brand. Founded in 1881, the Chocolateria Valor now has outlets all over Madrid. Despite this, they retain the best quality churros and have created a large range of churro flavours. Many locals love the Chocolateria Valor so it’s a must for you to come by too!

Address: Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 7, 28013 Madrid

La Antigua Churreria

Continuing the trend of stores with more than a hundred years of history is the La Antigua Churreria. The store has maintained its elegant, historic charm, giving you the best of Spain and its rich culture. Furthermore, what makes La Antigua Churreria unique is its famous porras. What are porras? These are thicker and softer versions of churros. It’s an amazing twist off the regular churro and we guarantee you that it’s worth a try. Also, the La Antigua Churreria offers churros filled with cream and chocolate. These special versions of the churros makes La Antigua a must visit.

Address: Calle del Conde de Peñalver, 32, 28006 Madrid

Siglo XIX

Our final store is the Siglo XIX. Situated in the outskirts of Madrid, Siglo XIX will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of Madrid’s city centre. Escape the city life and head to Siglo XIX for some of the best churros in Madrid. They offer various versions of churros and most importantly, they retain the perfect quality. 

Address: Av. de la Albufera, 270, 28018 Madrid

These 5 churro stores represent an important part of Madrid’s food culture and heritage. The capital of churros, none of these stores compromise on quality. Even with the huge demand from both locals and tourists, these stores have stuck to keeping quality amazing and prices reasonable. For a full experience in the capital of Spain, make sure you use this guide to find the best churros in Madrid!